CDP choline  improved response in patients with glaucoma
   CDP choline  therapeutic value in the treatment of glaucoma
   CDP choline  in acute ischemic stroke
   CDP choline  randomized trial in acute ischemic stroke
   CDP choline  may be useful in the treatment of Alzheimer's
   CDP choline  therapeutic effects in Alzheimer's
   CDP choline  effects on cognition in Alzheimer's patients
   CDP choline  improvement in Alzheimer's after 1 month  
   CDP choline  improved mental performance in Alzheimer's
   CDP choline  treatment after traumatic brain injury
   CDP choline  action and effects in ischemic brain injury
   CDP choline  in treating mild to moderate closed head injury 
   CDP choline  study in recovery of patients with head injury
   CDP choline  reduced symptoms in Parkinson's disease 
   CDP choline  in treatment of Parkinson's
   CDP choline  clinical trial in Parkinson's disease
   CDP choline  new strategies in Parkinson's disease
   CDP choline  reduces brain edema in traumatic coma
   CDP choline  neural protection in epileptic seizures
   CDP choline  efficacy in the treatment of cerebral ischemia
   CDP choline  treatment of acute cerebral infarction
   CDP choline  efficacy in patients with cerebral atherosclerosis
   CDP choline  use in acute cerebrovascular disease
   CDP choline  trial in chronic cerebrovascular diseases
   CDP choline  has a neuroprotective effect in hypoxia and ischemia
   CDP choline  increases brain cell phospholipid synthesis 
   CDP choline  study of efficacy and safety in 2817 patients
   CDP choline  randomized trial in acute ischemic stroke
   CDP choline  neural protection in stroke
   CDP choline  in acute ischemic stroke
   CDP choline  in the treatment of dementia
   CDP choline  in the treatment of cognitive impairment
   CDP choline  membrane stabilizer
   CDP choline  efficacy in stroke
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